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Mohel Bris
"ובן שמנת ימים ימול לכם כל זכר לדרתיכם"
At the age of eight days every male among you shall be circumcised throughout your generations.

Mohel Bris Circumcision NY & NJ

Did you know that every aspect of Bris Milah is replete with significance and meaning, yet the one ingredient needed most is שמחה happiness? Let us celebrate together your child’s first major milestone with perfection. By giving your child a proper Bris Milah, you’re not only showering him with unconditional love, but you’re also giving him the chance and opportunity of entering the Covenant of Avraham Avinu, and by doing so becoming a full fledged member of the Jewish nation, linking us back to our holy forefathers. Bris Milah is your child’s first and most important mitzvah. When reaching this first milestone, we celebrate joyously and pray together that your child grow to fulfill his dreams and accomplish his goals with ease and tranquility. On this happy occasion Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin, wishes upon you and your family, health, happiness and a shower of blessings.

Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin’s ability to perform an actual circumcision in less than 20 seconds, compared to a hospital circumcision, that takes 30 minutes or more, will ease any tense or nervous feelings anyone may feel and will undoubtedly leave those in attendance spellbound by the transition the baby will encounter in so short a time. Rabbi Rubin’s training and expertise in circumcision learned under the world renowned expert Mohel and authority in Bris Milah, Rabbi A. Romi Cohn D.D.C.M. has given Rabbi Rubin, the expertise and skill in performing a perfect Bris Milah without using any painful instruments, sparing your child any undue pain or discomfort. Rabbi Rubin takes pride in his professional standards and does his best to enable your family and friends to experience not only a joyous occasion, but also an uplifting experience.

Rabbi Rubin would feel privileged and honored to serve as your son's Mohel, so call to schedule your child’s Bris and join the many happy families who’ve enjoyed his services.

Mohel Bris
Certified Mohel in New York
A Certified Mohel in New York
Staten Island, New York

Mohel Bris Circumcision NY & NJ

Servicing New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Maryland



  • April 13, 2011
    Regarding Mohel Rabbi Rubins Circumcision on my patient Binyamin Berger,

    Binyamin was seen today. His recent circumcision was evaluated and was done well and healed well.
    Dr. M. Skowron MD,Staten Island NY
  • February 15, 2011
    My patient, Jordan Eisler was circumcised by Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin. Jordan’s circumcision was performed with precision and Rabbi Rubin’s technique and method was done with utmost professionalism....
    Dr. Anna Shindelman, M.D., Staten Island NY

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