Baby Bris Naming
baby bris naming

Baby Bris Naming

In the Torah it says that Hashem changed Avraham's (Abraham) name from Avram to Avraham at the time of his circumcision. In keeping with that tradition, a Jewish boy is given his Hebrew name at the time of his Bris Milah. Judaism places a great deal of significance on a child's Hebrew name. A Hebrew name is a gift which lasts a lifetime. It is a symbol of Jewish identity and a banner your child will honor and cherish, linking him to his family heritage. It is often customary to name the child after someone who led a righteous life so that the child will try to emulate that individual. Ashkenazi Jews often name their children after a dearly departed relative, while Sephardic Jews sometimes name their children in honor of living relatives. In the case of someone who died at a young age, another name referring to life, or the name of a person who lived a full life is added. Consulting with your Rabbi or spiritual advisor is always commendable with regard to your customs.

Baby Bris Naming

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  • April 13, 2011
    Regarding Mohel Rabbi Rubins Circumcision on my patient Binyamin Berger,

    Binyamin was seen today. His recent circumcision was evaluated and was done well and healed well.
    Dr. M. Skowron MD,Staten Island NY
  • February 15, 2011
    My patient, Jordan Eisler was circumcised by Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin. Jordan’s circumcision was performed with precision and Rabbi Rubin’s technique and method was done with utmost professionalism....
    Dr. Anna Shindelman, M.D., Staten Island NY

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